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Filming Locations and Funding

Filming Locations and FundingWhen you are searching for film locations for your next movie, you should know that Melbourne is one of the most vibrant and cultural cities in Australia. Both the state government of Victoria and the federal government of Australia have set aside grant money for directors and movie creators from all over the world to create great movies on Australian soil. When you have decided that your movie will be shot or produced (or even both!) in Victoria, then you will be eligible for a range of funding options and bursaries from the various governments, authorities and institutions.

Funding for Your Film Locations

There are many expenses involved with making use of a filming location. You will need to find accommodation for all of the necessary crew members. This means actors, actresses, the director, producer and any other technical staff and crew that are needed for those scenes. If you are shooting your movie in an outdoor film location then you may need to look for extra funding to cover the logistics and travel expenses, which can vary greatly depending on how remote your location is for the scenes.

Transportation and Shipping

Other logistical issues exist when you factor in rural and remote
film locations such as transportation for your crew as well as for the equipment they need. In almost all areas there are good, paved roads, but if you are looking for a particularly remote and exotic location then you may need to consider light aircraft and even helicopters to ferry in your crew.

The Vistas Are Worth It

If your movie could benefit greatly from the beautiful Victoria vistas in many parts of the state, then you should definitely consider applying for appropriate funding that would allow you to take advantage of the beauty of the Australian Outback.